A student must officially register for a course before attending, and will not receive credit unless officially registered.

Students must attend the first day of class in order to secure their place in the course. The instructor has the option to drop a student from the class roster if the student was not in attendance on the first day of the session. Students must not assume they have been dropped if they did not attend the first day of class. To officially withdraw from the class, please see the Withdrawal webpage and linked withdrawal policy.

Advising holds are placed on all student records prior to the early registration time period each semester. This prompts students to meet with their advisors and thoughtfully plan and prepare for course enrollment for the upcoming term. Registration for courses within the cooperating colleges in the Associated Colleges of the Twin Cities (ACTC) must be completed through the Office of the University Student Data & Registrar.

The open registration period for summer session courses is in March. The registration period for fall semester is in April; January term and spring semester in November. Each student is scheduled to register beginning at a specific date and time, based on his/her number of earned credit hours and an alphabetical rotation of surnames.

All seniors are allowed to register for classes, then all student Veterans and/or Service members, then all juniors, then all sophomores, then all freshmen.  Because student Veterans and/or Service members can apply before other groups, they are eligible for priority enrollment.