Transfer Courses

Courses taken at regionally accredited institutions of higher learning other than the University of St. Thomas and accepted for credit by St. Thomas are called transfer courses. Exchange courses, as described above, are not transfer courses.

Students who are seeking admission to the University of St. Thomas must have official transcripts of all previous college work sent to the Office of Admissions for evaluation by the University Registrar.

Students who have matriculated at St Thomas must forward transcripts from any other institution attended to the Office of Admissions for evaluation by the University Registrar.

All paper transcripts should be mailed directly from the institution of study to the following address:

University of St. Thomas
Admissions, Mail #5017
2115 Summit Ave
St. Paul, MN 55105-1078

All links and passwords to electronic PDF transcript downloads should be emailed directly from the institution of study to the following email address:

The University Registrar, using official transcripts provided by the student’s previous schools, will assist the faculty to determine which courses may be used to fulfill St. Thomas degree requirements. Students may be asked to provide additional materials supporting the use of transfer courses. The university may require transcripts from foreign schools to be submitted to an evaluation service for processing before considering them. A fee may be charged for this service.

Students who wish to enroll in courses at another institution after matriculation at St. Thomas must receive approval from the chair of the relevant St. Thomas academic department if these courses are to be used to meet a core requirement or a major or minor field requirement. The information about course equivalents provided by the Office of Admission through the “Transfer Credit Tool” applies only to transfer courses taken prior to matriculation as a University of St. Thomas student. Once a student becomes degree-seeking at St. Thomas, the determination of whether a postmatriculation transfer course fulfills the criteria for a core requirement or for a major or minor field requirement must be determined by the appropriate academic department. Departments may require students to submit the syllabus for any potential transfer course they hope to apply to a major, minor, or core requirement.

Post-Matriculation Transfer Credit Limit

Students who first become degree-seeking at St. Thomas beginning with the fall 2013 semester and for all subsequent semesters may count a maximum of 8 additional transfer credits taken after the date of matriculation at St. Thomas toward core requirements, with no more than 4 of those credits counting toward any one core requirement area (for instance, Language and Culture or Literature and Writing). This limit applies only to post-matriculation transfer credits and therefore  does not apply to courses taken through a UST study abroad program or through the ACTC.