New Student Scheduling

Registration for new freshmen and entering transfer students is coordinated by the Office of Academic Counseling.

Freshmen who begin their studies at the university in the fall receive a pre-registration packet containing course information and a description of the registration process which occurs during Summer Orientation.

New transfer students meet individually with an academic counselor to interpret their transfer credit evaluation and select appropriate courses related to their interests.

At this meeting, transfer students should identify any transfer courses they think should count as fulfilling particular core requirements. The academic counselor will assist the transfer student with a petition form used to request consideration of one or more transfer courses for fulfillment of core requirements. The petition form should be submitted to the Associate Vice Provost for Undergraduate Studies during the first semester of enrollment at St. Thomas.

Upper division transfer students are encouraged to declare a specific major field. Separate summer orientation programs are held for new freshmen and transfer students.

All students are assigned faculty advisors.