Withdrawal and Refund Policies


Students may withdraw from the university (that is, withdraw from all classes) at any time by contacting the Academic Counseling & Support Office, but should use the Murphy Online process or paper Drop/Add form to withdraw their class registrations as soon as they decide to take that action. The standard withdrawal calendar as defined in the Changes in Registration section determines how the withdrawal will be recorded on the transcript. Students who withdraw from all classes must return any items that belong to the university. Resident students must check out with the floor resident adviser. Tuition refunds, if any, are established by the tuition refund schedule posted in the section on conditions determining tuition refunds.

Withdrawing from All Classes under Special Circumstances, Using Optional Tuition Insurance

To withdraw from the university for a special circumstance such as a physical or mental health emergency, the student must contact Pam Peterson, Director of the Business Office, and indicate their intention to withdraw from all courses due to special/extenuating circumstances.

Pam Peterson
Director, Business Office
Murray Herrick Center (MHC), Room 105

The University of St. Thomas offers undergraduate students an optional Tuition Refund Plan (TRP) that helps protect undergraduate students from financial loss in the event of an unexpected accident or serious illness resulting in withdrawal from classes after the beginning of the academic term. The TRP significantly extends and enhances the University’s published tuition refund policy and applies only if the student withdraws from all classes in the term. The University’s tuition refund schedule will apply if students are required to withdraw from an individual course(s) but stay enrolled for one or more courses.

Participation in the Tuition Refund Plan offered by A.W.G. Dewar is entirely optional, however, students who choose not to purchase tuition insurance will not be granted refunds beyond those provided for by the University’s published tuition refund schedule.

The University of St. Thomas does not endorse this or any other private tuition insurance program, but we invite you to be informed of this option. For questions regarding the Tuition Refund Plan, please contact the Business Office at 651-962-6600.