Campus emergency lights


In Case of Emergency

If you are in an emergency and need immediate help:

  • On-campus: contact Public Safety at 651-962-5555
  • Off-campus: call 911

In the event of a campus emergency, an alert will be sent via the Emergency Notification System. The alert will detail location and additional safety instructions. See the list of past Emergency Notifications.

NOTE: If you know of a student (including yourself) experiencing a personal challenge or emergency, learn more about the St. Thomas CARE Team, a cross-functional team that provides student advocacy, care, and support.

Contact Public Safety

Non-emergency: 651-962-5100
Emergency: 651-962-5555

Emergency Guides

If you are experiencing an emergency call Public Safety 651-962-5555 or call 911. The emergency guides below provide the steps that should be taken should an emergency occur.  

Related Resources

Preparing for an Emergency
Prepare yourself in advance for any emergency by reviewing our emergency guides (above) and creating your personal safety plan. Read more about how to prepare for an emergency.

Campus Emergency Procedures
St. Thomas has defined clear processes and responsibilities for emergencies and safety-related situations. Read more about St. Thomas emergency procedures.

Individual Student Emergencies
Additional resources to assist with student-related concerns and students in crisis can be found via the St. Thomas CARE Team.