Student being mentored at Career Development speed event

Career Development

Supporting students ready to explore, collaborate, create, innovate, solve and work.

Connect to Careers

The Career Development Center helps students and alumni launch and explore careers in a way that makes sense for them. Career exploration is supported by connections with employers and alumni, integration of career conversations and curriculum across the university, and opportunities for continuous learning and upskilling.

Total number of graduates in the class of 2021: 1,371

Undergraduate Career Outcomes


Employed, continuing education or pursuing other goals within six months of graduation (based on information gathered on 1,072 graduates)


61% who are employed full-time make more than that in their first year after graduation (based on data provided by 416 graduates)


Secured employment within 1 month of graduation (based on data provided by 425 graduates)

YouTube video of the power of the Tommie Network

The Power of the Tommie Network

Even during a pandemic, the Tommie Network is approachable and available to help students explore, network and find their next step.