Grant Shaeffer celebrates a victory following the NCAA Division III men's basketball championship game.


Discover your inner roar

School spirit and purple pride runs deep at St. Thomas. From varsity sports to club and intramural opportunities, our school is legendary for participation on the field and in the stands, with plenty of ways for everyone to get involved.

Quick Facts

AIAW or NCAA National Championships
Academic All-American Student Athletes

MIAC Championships

Jack Foley plays in the Tommie Johnnie football game.

Tommie Sports

St. Thomas has a long and proud history in collegiate athletics. We’re a NCAA Division III school with 22 varsity sports, 500 MIAC championships, and 16 AIAW or NCAA national championships. Learn more about our varsity sports and how you can get involved as an athlete and fan.

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Women's club lacrosse team during their game against St. Olaf.

Intramurals and Club Sports

We have a variety of club sports and intramural sports teams that offer many opportunities to get involved. Learn more about your options and how you can participate.