Courses in Japanese are offered with the assumption that many of the students will be visiting Japan in the near future. Thus, the Japanese program strives to:

  1. Lay a solid foundation in the areas of speaking, listening, reading and writing. All three writing systems (hiragana, katakana and kanji) are covered.
  2. Give students basic language skills sufficient to manage day-to-day life in Japan
  3. Promote interest in Japan, Japanese people, and their culture
  4. Help students fulfill professional and personal endeavors at an international level
  5. Eiminate fear of speaking Japanese in front of people.
  6. To provide the foundation for earning a major or minor in the language.

Students wishing to major or minor in Japanese may do so by special arrangement with Macalester College and approval of the St. Thomas Department of Modern and Classical Languages. 

Minor in Japanese

  • Completion of JAPN 212 or equivalent 


  • Eight additional credits selected in consultation with the department adviser
Course Number Title Credits
JAPN  111 Elementary Japanese I 4
JAPN  112 Elementary Japanese II 4
JAPN  211 Intermediate Japanese I 4
JAPN  212 Intermediate Japanese II 4
JAPN  243 Individual Study 2 OR 4
JAPN  311 Advanced Japanese 4
JAPN  312 Advanced Japanese II 4
JAPN  393 Individual Study 2 OR 4
JAPN  495 Individual Study 2 OR 4