Readmission Policies

A student who was formerly enrolled in the university, but is not currently attending, must request reinstatement by calling or writing to Academic Counseling at St. Thomas. The student will be reinstated if the University Student Data & Registrar's verifies that the student left St. Thomas in good academic standing, and if the student is eligible to return to the university as certified by the Dean of Student Life.

However, if the student has been enrolled at another college or university since their last term of enrollment at St. Thomas, an official transcript and a completed Dean of Students form must be submitted to St. Thomas from that institution. The student will then be reinstated if the transcript indicates work of a C average or better and the Dean of Students form indicates the student left that institution in good standing.

A student who discontinues his/her enrollment in the university for four consecutive academic years must re-enroll under the terms of the catalog in effect at the time of re-enrollment.