College Level Examination Program (CLEP)

The College Level Examination Program (CLEP) was conceived to serve post-secondary students who have acquired certain kinds of knowledge outside the usual formal educational channels. Students must take CLEP examinations before or during the first semester of college work to receive credit for the CLEP examination from UST.

Business – A score at the 50th percentile or above in Principles of Marketing=MKTG 300 (fulfills requirement in Business Major.) No other CLEP Exams in Business will earn St. Thomas Credit.

English Literature/Composition – A score at the 50th percentile or above in any English Literature or Composition exam will earn ENGL 199 (does not fulfill the Literature and Writing requirement.)

Foreign Languages – No credit will be assigned for the CLEP exam in foreign languages.

History – A score at the 50th percentile or above in History of the United States I=HIST 113, History of the United States II=HIST 114 (both fulfill the Historical Studies requirement.) History exams in other areas with a score of 50% or higher need to be evaluated by the department chair.

Mathematics – Students who receive a score greater than 50% on the College Mathematics exam will receive credit for MATH 101 Finite Mathematics (fulfills the core requirement in mathematics).

Natural Sciences – CLEP Examinations that include Biology, Chemistry and Natural Sciences do not fulfill the laboratory science requirement A score at the 50th percentile or above will earn elective credit.

Social Sciences – A score at the 50th percentile or above in the following social sciences will earn 4 credits in the following subject areas 

CLEP Exam UST Credit
Princ of Macroecon ECON 251 (fulfillsSoc Analysis)
Princ of Microecon ECON 252 (fulfillsSoc Analysis)
Introductory Psyc PSYC 111 (fulfillsSoc Analysis)
Introductory Soc SOCI 100 (fulfills Soc Analysis and Human Div)