Parents-on-Campus Program

Parents of full-time students in the undergraduate day program are eligible to take up to two undergraduate courses (or eight credits) on a space-available basis in fall and spring semesters without tuition charge. The dependent daughter/son must be a full-time day student taking at least twelve credits.

Parents may audit courses or take them for credit. Parents may be non-degree or degree-seeking students. If the parent chooses to become a degree-seeking student, an application must be made through the Office of Undergraduate Admissions.

Fees will be charged for books, music lessons, laboratory charges, individual studies, and experiential learning. There is a fee charged for all business courses.

Not included in this program are: Graduate courses, courses at ACTC schools, courses taught in January term or summer sessions, and study abroad courses.

Registration for Parents-on-Campus (non-degree and degree-seeking) will begin five business days prior to the start of the term.

Additional information on this program can be obtained from the Office of Student Data & Registrar.