Summary of Core Requirements

First Year Experience

  • FYEX 100 – Foundations for College Success (1 credit)
  • Living-Learning Community or Theme-Based Learning Community (4-8 credits)

Core Area Requirements

  • English (4 credits)
  • Language & Culture (0-12 credits)
    • Either complete coursework through 211 level (or place at 212 or above via placement test)
      OR take eight credits of the same language
  • Natural Science (4 credits)
  • Quantitative Analysis (4 credits)
  • Historical Analysis (4 credits)
  • Fine Arts (4 credits)
  • Social Scientific Analysis (4 credits)
  • Philosophy & Theology (12 credits)
  • Integrations in the Humanities (8 credits)

Flagged Core Area Requirements

Flagged Requirements: provide an added dimension to another course – need not necessarily add to course load

  • Writing Across the Curriculum (16 credits)
    • Writing to Learn (4 credits)
    • Writing Intensive (8 credits)
    • Writing in the Discipline (4 credits)
  • Global Perspectives (4 credits)
  • Diversity, Inclusion, and Social Justice (4 credits)
  • Signature Work: (2 or 4 credits)
    • Completed after a student has earned at least 80 credits
    • Often part of a student’s major
    • Includes a portfolio of work collected over the student’s time at St. Thomas

Non-Overlap of Core Requirements

A course used to satisfy one core-area requirement cannot be used (by the same student) to satisfy a different core-area requirement. Some courses may be chosen either to satisfy one requirement, or to satisfy another, but not both. More specifically, some courses may be counted either for Integrations in the Humanities, or for another core-area listed above, but not both. For example, THEO 221 could meet the requirement for the third Philosophy and Theology course for one student OR it could meet the Integrations in the Humanities for another student.

Courses used to satisfy core-area requirements cannot also be used to satisfy the GP or DISJ flags, except for courses used to satisfy the Integrations in the Humanities requirement.

A course which is designated for Signature Work can meet a core requirement (this applies to all core area and core flagged courses).

A course which is designated for Writing Across the Curriculum (WAC) can also meet a core requirement (this applies to all core area and core flagged courses).

See the New Degree Requirements Starting Fall 2020 section for further detail on requirements for a degree.