The primary goal of the department is to provide opportunity to its majors for acquiring:

  1. A solid command of the French language
  2. A thorough introduction to the literary and cultural origins of France and the role of French in today’s world
  3. Enough diversity in courses to prepare for a variety of potential careers or possible co-careers for which their French skills will be of primary importance
  4. The intellectual background which characterizes those educated in a liberal arts setting.

Major in French

A minimum of 28 credits at the 300-level or above is required for a French major. At least twelve of these credits must be completed at the University of St. Thomas.

The major normally consists of eight credits in civilization or culture, eight credits in literature, and eight credits in advanced language study (grammar, composition or oral-intensive), plus elective courses at the 300-level or beyond.

Courses in a second foreign language are highly recommended.

The department strongly encourages all students planning a major in French to spend some time (a summer, a January term, a semester or an academic year) in a French-speaking country and to participate in a French course on campus upon their return.

For administrative purposes, students will complete assessment measures at the beginning of their major (in their 300 class) and during their final semester. 

Minor in French

  • A minimum of sixteen credits at the 300-level or above is required for a French minor.
  • A minimum of eight credits in FREN must be completed at St. Thomas.

A typical minor consists of courses in the following areas:

  • Four credits in French language study at the FREN 300-level or beyond
  • Four credits in French literature
  • Four credits in French civilization
  • Four additional credits in FREN to be selected in consultation with the French faculty.
Course Number Title Credits
FREN  111 Elementary French I 4
FREN  112 Elementary French II 4
FREN  211 Intermediate French I 4
FREN  212 Intermediate French II 4
FREN  243 Individual Study 2 OR 4
FREN  297 Topics 4
FREN  298 Topics 4
FREN  300 Adv Oral & Written French I 4
FREN  301 French Poetry 4
FREN  302 Questions de langage 4
FREN  309 Intro to French Lit I 4
FREN  310 Intro to French Lit II 4
FREN  311 French Civilization I 4
FREN  312 French Civilization II 4
FREN  370 French Phonetics 4
FREN  371 Individualized Fren Conv 4
FREN  393 Individual Study 2 OR 4
FREN  401 French Theater 4
FREN  402 The French Novel 4
FREN  489 Topics 4
FREN  490 Topics 4
FREN  495 Individual Study 2 OR 4