Language and Culture

(12 credits)

A sequence of foreign language study aims to develop students’ skills in using a foreign language in a variety of tasks, including conversing, reading, writing and listening with comprehension. The language is used as the essential vehicle for coming to a deeper understanding of other cultures. The courses guide students toward a realization that the study of a foreign language provides a comparative basis from which to analyze their own language and culture. Study of the language will allow students to relate course content with that of courses taught in other disciplines.

Students must complete the 111, 112, and 211 sequence in a particular language. All students with previous language experience must take a placement examination administered by the Department of Modern and Classical Languages. The student’s previous work in the language will be considered. The Department of Modern and Classical Languages will make the final determination regarding the placement of students in foreign language courses.

Students with sufficient proficiency in a language may test out of 211 and receive a waiver of the requirement.  Students should begin the process of the language/culture requirement waiver in their first year at UST.  A waiver does not add credits on the student’s transcript.

Students whose primary language of communication is a language other than English and who have learned English as a second language are exempt from the foreign language requirement. It is the student’s responsibility to present evidence to the chair of the department to support this exemption request. And exemption does not add credits to a student's transcript.