Film Studies (FSTD)

College of Arts and Sciences, Interdisciplinary Program

Chaudhury (ENGL); Ehrmantraut (MCL); Gregg (CoJo); Kachian (MUSC); Kroll (Director; MCL); Rey-Montejo (MCL); Sauter (CoJo)

The minor in film studies is an interdisciplinary program that provides students with a foundation of film history and theory and is enriched by offerings in film by departments across the College of Arts and Sciences. By completing this minor, students will be able to understand the historical development of film language (camera work, acting, and editing) including film’s pre-history and relationship to photography and theatre; identify and analyze films from the major film traditions, movements, genres (narrative, documentary, and experimental-surreal), studios and directors; understand developments in world cinema, including expression, imagery and representations of nationhood, ethnicity, race, sex, gender, sexuality, social class, cultural values, religious values, political movements, etc; articulate and apply major film theories and critical approaches; understand the political and economic context of film, including the impact of distribution and circulation on the production and reception of film and video/DVD; and develop skills relevant to film production, such as writing, directing, acting, design, composition and the acquisition & editing of images and sound.

Minor in Film Studies

Students will complete 20 credits for the FILM minor:

  • FILM 200 Introduction to Film Studies (4 credits)
  • FILM 300 World Cinema (4 credits)

Plus four credits in film theory/history/criticism/analysis:

  • COJO 332 Documentary in American Culture (4 credits)
  • CLAS 225/ENGL 203 The Classical Hero, Epic, and Film (4 credits)
  • ENGL topics courses as appropriate and approved by FILM Studies. Examples of ENGL courses with recent or potential film studies topics:
    • ENGL 324 Genre Studies (Literature into Film) (4 credits)
    • ENGL 395 Issues in Literature, Language, and Culture (Film) (4 credits)
    • ENGL 481 Third World Cinema (4 credits)
  • FILM 350 Contemporary Issues in Film (4 credits)
  • FREN 490 French Cinema (4 credits)
  • MUSC 170 Music of Film (4 credits)
  • SPAN 415 Hispanic Cinema Studies (4 credits)

Plus four credits in production/practice

  • FILM 310 Filmmaking (4 credits)
  • COJO 240 Digital Imagery and Sound (4 credits)
  • COJO 360 Videography (4 credits)
  • COJO 460 Advanced Video Production (4 credits)
  • ENGL topics courses as appropriate and approved by director of FILM studies. Examples of ENGL courses with recent or potential film production/practice topics:
    • ENGL 297 Topics (Introduction to Screen Writing) (4 credits)
    • ENGL 326 Topics in Creative Writing (Screen Writing) (4 credits)
  • THTR 214 Beginning Acting (4 credits)
  • THTR 218 Acting for the Camera (4 credits)

Plus four additional credits from those listed above, internship, experiential learning, or independent study as approved by FILM studies director. At least two courses should be numbered 300 or higher.

Course Number Title Credits
FILM  200 Introduction to Film Studies 4
FILM  243 Individual Study 2 OR 4
FILM  295 Topics 2
FILM  296 Topics 2
FILM  297 Topics 4
FILM  298 Topics 4
FILM  300 World Cinema 4
FILM  310 Filmmaking 4
FILM  350 Current Issues in Film Studies 4
FILM  393 Individual Study 2 OR 4
FILM  476 Experiential Learning 2
FILM  478 Experiential Learning 4
FILM  495 Individual Study 2 OR 4