Liberal Arts Major (A.A.)
Part of the Dougherty Family College

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Fernandes, Gaalaas, Gibson, McCann, Rosado, Smith, Trost


All students must complete the requirements outlined below.  Unless specifically noted, all courses are four credits each.

64 credits total

Literature, Writing, Communication

Complete all four courses*

ENGL 110: Intensive writing [*Students may place out of 110, please see your advisor.  If you do not take this course you must take an additional 4-credits from Fine Arts]
ENGL 121: Critical Thinking: Literature and Writing
ENGL 203: Texts in Conversation, Writing Intensive
COJO 100: Public Speaking


Natural and Physical Sciences

Complete two courses

Choose one from:

BIOL 101: General Biology
BIOL 102: Conservation Biology*
BIOL 105: Human Biology

Choose one from:

CHEM 100: Chemistry in Our World*
CHEM 101: Environmental Chemistry*
GEOL 115: Environmental Geology
ENGR 123: Energy and the Environment

*Students who take CHEM 100 or CHEM 101 must then take BIOL 102

Math and Quantitative Literacy

Complete one course

Choose one from:

MATH 101: Finite Mathematics
MATH 105: Precalculus

History and Social Science

Complete three courses

SOCI 100: Introduction to Sociology

HIST 112: The History of the Modern World since 1550
OR HIST 115: The World Since 1900

PSYC 111: General Psychology
OR ECON 251: Principles of Macroeconomics

Faith, Social Responsibility, and Human Diversity

Complete all three courses:

THEO 101: The Christian Theological Tradition
PHIL 115: Philosophy of the Human Person
JPST 250: Introduction to Justice and Peace Studies

Fine Arts

Complete one course (* an additional 4 credits are required if ENGL 110 was waived)

Choose one from:
ARTH 110: Introduction to Art History
MUSC 115: Understanding Music & Culture
MUSC 130: Introduction to World Music
MUSC 162: The Roots of Blues, Rock, and Country Music

Additional Requirements, to be completed by the end of the first year:

Complete at least two courses

All students must complete:
IDSC 120: First Year Seminar: Leading & Serving (2-credits per semester, must enroll for both semesters of first year)

Choose at least four (4) credits from:
HLTH 250: Personal Health and Wellness (2 credit sections only)
HLTH 275: Lifelong Stress Management (2 credits)
HLTH 296: Topics (2 credits)
PHED 101: Physical Fitness (2 credits)

Course Number Title Credits
ARTH  110 Introduction to Art History 4
Course Number Title Credits
BIOL  101 General Biology 4
BIOL  102 Conservation Biology 4
BIOL  105 Human Biology 4
Course Number Title Credits
CHEM  100 Chemistry in Our World 4
CHEM  101 Environmental Chemistry 4
Course Number Title Credits
COJO  100 Public Speaking 4
Course Number Title Credits
ECON  251 Prin of Macroeconomics 4
Course Number Title Credits
ENGL  110 Intensive Writing 4
ENGL  121 Critical Thinking: Lit/Writing 4
ENGL  203 Thematic/Intertextual Perspect 0 OR 4
Course Number Title Credits
ENGR  123 Energy and the Environment 4
Course Number Title Credits
GEOL  115 Environmental Geology 4
Course Number Title Credits
HIST  112 Hist Mod World Since 1550 4
HIST  115 The World Since 1900 4
Course Number Title Credits
HLTH  250 Personal Health & Wellness 2 OR 4
HLTH  275 Lifelong Stress Management 2
HLTH  296 Topics 2
Course Number Title Credits
IDSC  120 First Year: Leading & Serving 0 OR 2
Course Number Title Credits
JPST  250 Intro to Justice & Peace 4
Course Number Title Credits
MATH  101 Finite Mathematics 4
MATH  105 Precalculus 4
Course Number Title Credits
MUSC  115 Understanding Music&Culture 4
MUSC  117 Survey Music in West Culture 2
MUSC  130 Introduction to World Music 4
MUSC  162 Roots of Blues, Rock, Country 4
Course Number Title Credits
PHED  101 Physical Fitness 2
Course Number Title Credits
PHIL  115 Philosophy of Human Person 0 TO 4
Course Number Title Credits
PSYC  111 General Psychology 4
Course Number Title Credits
SOCI  100 Intro to Sociology 4
Course Number Title Credits
THEO  101 Christian Theo Tradition 0 OR 4