Through courses in Greek, the student learns to read classical Greek, and at the intermediate level begins reading selections from ancient Greek authors. In addition to facility in reading classical Greek, the student gains an awareness of the unique character of classical Greek culture and its contribution to succeeding ages.

Minor in Greek

  • Sixteen credits in Greek language 


  • Eight additional credits in Greek, Latin, ancient history, ancient philosophy, classical art, mythology or classical literature in translation.
Course Number Title Credits
GREK  111 Elementary Classical Greek I 4
GREK  112 Elementary Classical Greek II 4
GREK  211 Intermediate Classical Greek I 4
GREK  212 Intermediate Clas. Greek II 4
GREK  243 Individual Study 2 OR 4
GREK  269 Research 2 OR 4
GREK  393 Individual Study 2 OR 4