Washington Semester

Cross-College Program
High-Pippert (POLS), adviser

The University of St. Thomas is affiliated with American University’s Washington Semester Program, Washington, D.C.

Students selected from across the nation to participate in the program have the option of studying in various subject areas that have included: American Politics, Economic Policy, Foreign Policy, Gender and Politics, Information Technology and Telecom, International Business and Trade, International Environment and Development, Journalism, Justice, Law Enforcement vs. Liberty, Peace and Conflict Resolution, Public Law, and Transforming Communities. Program areas are subject to change.

The Washington Semester involves seminars, research and internships drawing on governmental and private organization resources in the Washington area. Nominations to participate are made by the university, with final acceptance decided by American University.

Upon successful completion of four courses, 16 semester credits are earned and transferred to St. Thomas.

IDSC 310 Washington Semester (16 credits)