World Language and Cultures Education (K-12)

Major in French (K-12), German (K-12), or Spanish (K-12) with a Co-Major in K-12 World Language and Cultures

Note: A Co-major cannot be a stand-alone major.

Note: Students wishing to be licensed to teach World Language and Cultures K-12 in the state of Minnesota must demonstrate advanced level speaking proficiency (as defined in the American Council on the Teaching of Foreign Languages [ACTFL] Proficiency Guideline) in both English and in the target language.

Blocks 1, 2, 3 and 4 as listed at the beginning of this section

Plus Block 3 curriculum and instruction special methods course and field experience III:
  • EDUC 380 Curriculum and Methods for World Language and Cultures (K-12) (4 credits)
  • EDUC 347 Field Experience III: World Language and Cultures (0 credit)

World Languages candidates must arrange to pass the Oral Proficiency Interview (based on ACTFL Guidelines).  For information regarding this, contact the Field and Clinical Placement Manager in the School of Education.

Plus a major in French, German, or Spanish:

French (*this programis not accepting new students after spring 2017)

28 credits numbered FREN 300 and above with a minimum of eight (8) credits in each of the following areas:
  • Oral and Written Language
    • FREN 300 Advanced Oral & Written French I
    • FREN 302 Questiones de Langage
    • FREN 371 French Conversation
  • Culture/Civilization
    • FREN 311 French Civilization I
    • FREN 312 French Civilization II
  • Literature
    • FREN 301 French Poetry
    • FREN 402 The French Novel

German (*this program is not accepting new students after spring 2017)

A minimum of six (6) credits must be in Literature.
No more than 12 credits may be in the area of advanced language skills.

Students must complete the following courses:
  • GERM 311 Conversation & Composition (4 credits)
  • GERM 315 Influential Ideas in Non-Fiction German (4 credits)
  • GERM 320 Contemporary Germany and Current Events (4 credits)
  • GERM 341 Highlights of German Literature I (4 credits)
  • GERM 350 Genre Studies in German Literature (4 credits)
  • GERM 440 Introduction to Business German and German Business (4 credits)
  • Plus four (4) elective credits

28 credits total


32 credits numbered SPAN 300 and above.

All students must take:
  • SPAN 300 Advanced Spanish Grammar (4 credits)
  • SPAN 301 Advanced Written Spanish & Culture (4 credits)
  • SPAN 305 Spanish Oral Expression & Culture (4 credits)
  • SPAN 315 Hispanic Linguistics (4 credits)
  • SPAN 331 Survey of Spanish Culture & Civilization - or - SPAN 332 Survey of Latin American Culture & Civilization (4 credits each)
  • SPAN 335 Intro to Spanish Literature (4 credits)
  • An elective 340 or higher or other elective as approved by the chair of Modern and Classical Languages.

Additional credits are required, please consult the "Major in Spanish" section of the catalog for more details on following the requirements for either the 'Cultural and Literary Studies' track or the 'Linguistics and Applied Language Studies' track. 

Note: Course numbers do not necessarily appear in block sequence.