Minor in Nutrition

The purpose of the nutrition minor is to provide students an opportunity to further study the area of nutrition. This minor includes opportunities for students to apply knowledge of nutrient metabolism, functions, food sources and physiological systems, to communicate behaviors that align with healthy eating patterns and meet nutrient requirements for different stages and diverse populations, and to critically evaluate nutrition-related information. 

All students must take:

  • NUTR 245: Introduction to Nutrition (4 credits)
  • NUTR 260: Introduction to Food Science (4 credits)
  • NUTR 360: Sports Nutrition (4 credits)
  • NUTR 460: Food & Nutrition Seminar (4 credits)

Nutrition Undergraduate Courses

Course Number Title Credits
NUTR  245 Introduction to Nutrition 4
NUTR  260 Introduction to Food Science 4
NUTR  360 Nutrition for Sports & Fitness 4
NUTR  460 Food and Nutrition Communicati 4