Historical Studies

(4 credits)

Core-area courses in historical studies aim to increase students’ knowledge of the history of the modern world and its origins. Each of these courses also provides an introduction to historical methods of inquiry and analysis. A third objective is to raise awareness of diversity within human history and the importance of intercultural learning. A fourth objective is to address issues related to the professional ethics of historians and the ethical use of historical materials:

  • HIST 111 Origins of the Modern World to 1550
  • HIST 112 The History of the Modern World since 1550
  • HIST 113 Early America in Global Perspective
  • HIST 114 The Modern U.S. in Global Perspective
  • HIST 115 The World Since 1900
  • HIST 116 African American History in Global Perspective
  • HIST 117 Latin Am/Global Perspective
  • HIST 118 The Middle East and North Africa in Global Perspective
  • HIST 119 East Asian Civilizations in Global Perspective