The Chinese program offers elementary and intermediate-level core classes on a yearly basis (111 and 211 in the fall, 112 in the spring). Students interested in pursuing higher-level courses can do so through study abroad and/or the ACTC consortium in consultation with the department.

The primary goal of the Chinese program at St. Thomas is to provide students with the opportunity to:

  1. Learn basic and intermediate levels of Mandarin Chinese through speaking, listening, writing and reading activities
  2. Develop cultural knowledge and intercultural skills
  3. Explore the study of the Chinese language and culture as an integral part of a liberal arts education
  4. Prepare for study abroad opportunities

Chinese Undergraduate Courses

Course Number Title Credits
CHIN  111 Elementary Chinese I 4
CHIN  112 Elementary Chinese II 4
CHIN  211 Intermediate Chinese I 4
CHIN  212 Intermediate Chinese II 4
CHIN  298 Topics 4
CHIN  476 Experiential Learning 1 TO 4