Academic Resources For Undergraduate Students

Academic Counseling

The Office of Academic Counseling serves as a resource and referral agent for both students and faculty.

Through one-on-one partnerships, academic counselors challenge undergraduate students to determine meaningful academic and life goals by encouraging them to reflect upon their educational experiences and achievements. The Academic Counseling staff offers special support to those students who are experiencing academic challenges, provides assistance with class registration, long term academic planning, individual assistance in study skills improvement, time management, test taking preparation, college reading techniques, and college survival skills.

Faculty Advisors

Full-time faculty members serve as advisors to all students. Faculty advisors assist students with class schedules and enrollment decisions each semester during their first and sophomore years. After a student has completed 48 semester credits, the student completes a major field form and applies to be accepted as a major in his or her chosen academic discipline. When the student has been accepted as a major in a particular department, the guidance of her or his program is then transferred from the pre-major advisor to a departmental major field advisor. Major field advisors guide their advisees’ progress toward a degree by reviewing grade reports and degree evaluations, assisting students with academic challenges, and consulting with them about career decisions.

Disability Resources

Students qualify for services through Disability Resources through self-disclosure of a disability and the presentation of current and comprehensive documentation. Reasonable academic accommodations are arranged on an individual basis in order to provide students with disabilities equal access to all university programs. The University of St. Thomas is committed to compliance with the Americans with Disabilities Act of 1990 and Section 504 of the Rehabilitation Act of 1973.

Information Technology Services

Information Technology Services (ITS) is the University of St. Thomas' information technology division which focuses on three areas" academics, service and operations, and security. ITS is charged with developing initiatives that create and reflect best IT practices in higher education and support the University of St. Thomas' mission and strategic goals.

ITS provides a variety of software and services to students at no additional cost to support their academic and personal goals while at St. Thomas. All students receive a St. Thomas account upon acceptance to the university that includes email, file storage, on-campus printing, Microsoft Office suite for personal devices, and access to important university-wide systems that allow students to stay on top of their coursework, grades, and campus activities. The Tech Desk also offers free walk-up assistance for general troubleshooting on personal devices, including malware and virus removal.