Frequently Asked Questions

How Do I...

Register for classes?

Register through the ACTC Program?

  • StThomas students should complete the appropriate ACTC form and return it to our office.
  • All other ACTC students should contact their registrar's office.

Register as a parent on campus?

Re-Enroll after withdrawing?

Log into Murphy Online?

  • If you have forgotten your username or password, contact the Tech Desk.

Know when I can register?

  • You can view your time ticket in Murphy Online > Student Services > Registration > Registration Status > Select the Term

Know who my advisor is?

  • You can view your advisor in Murphy Online > Student Services > Student Records > Degree Evaluation 

View the Course Catalog?

View current course offerings?

  • View current courses on Class Finder, which refreshes every 24 hours.
  • Murphy Online will display the most up-to-date course information.

Drop or withdraw from a course and/or section?

Know how the refund schedule for withdrawing from a course?

See my class schedule?

  • You can view your schedule in Murphy Online > Student Services > Registration > Student Summary Schedule.

Waitlist for a course?

  • Log in to Murphy Online and select Add or Drop course. Enter the CRN of the course. If the course has a waitlist available, the option will be displayed.

    Please review the Registration Waitlist Policy for more details about waitlist rules, notifications and exceptions.

Register for a course with a prerequisite?

  • If you do not fulfill the prerequisite, speak to the instructor and/or department of the course.

How Do I...

Get my registration hold removed?
  • View any hold(s) on Murphy Online > Student Information > Registration > Registration Status.
  • Contact the appropriate office to discuss your hold.
Take a course as pass/fail?
  • Fill out our pass/fail form. The academic calendar notes the last day to declare pass/fail. 
Audit a class? 
  • Fill out our audit form and get it signed by the instructor.  
Register for an independent study?
Take a graduate class as an undergraduate?
  • An undergraduate student may register for a graduate course with the approval of the chair of the undergrad department, the dean of the school, and chair of the graduate department. Collect all the signatures via an Add/Drop Form and submit it to the Office of Student Data & Registrar.
Take an undergraduate class as a graduate student?
  • A graduate student may register for an undergraduate course 5 days prior to the start of the term in which the course is held. Please contact your graduate department for more details.
Exceed the maximum course load?
  • Contact Academic Counseling.
Repeat an undergraduate course?

How Do I...

Declare or change my major and/or minor?
  • Submit a major or minor declaration according to the instructions posted on OneStThomas.
Change from non-degree to degree-seeking status?
Withdraw from the university? Seek readmission as a former student?
Notify St. Thomas that I've been called to military service?
  • Any student who has been called into active duty or has been placed on ready status, should contact the Academic Counseling for assistance with their continued enrollment and details related to their current enrollment and/or potential tuition refund. 
Request a substitute/waiver for a course?

How Do I...

View my unofficial transcript?
  • Sign into Murphy Online > Student Services > Student Records > Academic Transcript
View my grades?
  • Sign into Murphy Online > Student Services > Student Records > Final Grade
Change a grade?
  • Contact the instructor of the course.
Look up my GPA?
  • You can view your GPA in Murphy Online > Student Services > Student Records > Degree Evaluation 
Request a St. Thomas transcript?
Submit transcripts from other institutions to St. Thomas for review?
  • You can send official transcripts electronically or physically to our office
Remove a hold to release my transcript?
  • Review hold(s) on Murphy Online > Student Information > Registration > Registration Status.
  • Contact the appropriate office to discuss your hold(s).
Remove a grade of "I" or NR?
  • Contact the instructor of the course.

How Do I...

Know when I'm eligible to graduate?
  • You can review your degree evaluation at any time online or with your advisor.
  • Undergraduate students will receive notification from the Office of Student Data & Registrar when they are eligible to graduate.
  • Graduate students will receive notification from their program when they are eligible to graduate.
Know if I can participate in the commencement ceremony?
  • Undergraduate students will receive an email from the Student Data & Registrar's Office.
  • Students with at least senior status who are in good academic standing may choose to participate in a ceremony prior to completing all degree requirements. However, students may only participate in one ceremony. 
  • If you are not in good standing, you must complete a Commencement Participation Request Form.
Review my degree evaluation?
  • Sign in to Murphy Online > Student Services > Student Records > Degree Evaluation 
Receive my official diploma?
  • Your diploma will be mailed to you approximately 6-8 weeks after all requirements are verified as completed and you have a zero student account balance.
Order a replacement/duplicate diploma?
Change my name on an existing diploma or student record?
  • Submit legal documentation to our office via email/fax/mail. 
Get the hold lifted so my diploma will be released?
  • Review hold(s) on Murphy Online > Student Information > Registration > Registration Status.
  • Contact the appropriate office to discuss your hold(s).

Commencement is a ceremony (held in May each year) to celebrate our graduates, but it is not the same as graduation.

Graduation refers to the completion of all coursework and degree requirements (and processing of final grades), after which a student is officially awarded a degree.

Students may be eligible to participate in the commencement ceremony even if they have some outstanding requirements for graduation. As such, patricipating in commencement does not necessarily mean that the student has graduated.

Diplomas from the University of St. Thomas reflect the date a student graduates, not the date of the commencement ceremony. The graduation date is the last day of the term in which the student has completed all coursework and requirements for their degree. 

How Do I...

Find out what my St. Thomas ID or password is?
Update my address or telephone number on record with the university?
Restrict my address, email address or telephone number from release?
Change my name?
Verify my enrollment?

How Do I...

Withdraw as an Undergraduate Student?

Withdraw as a Graduate Student?

How Do I...

Take a course for credit from a different institution?
  • Submit a Transfer Credit Pre-Approval Form with a appropriate signatures (if needed).
  • After course completion send an official copy of the transcript to the Office of Student Data & Registrar.
View the academic calendar or exam schedules?
View undergraduate and graduate courses?
Learn more about billing statements?
Determine my class level?
  • Degree-seeking students who take 12 or more credits during a semester are considered a full-time student. A degree-seeking student who takes fewer than 12 credits for credit is considered a part-time student. Degree-seeking students are ranked by credits successfully completed:

    Freshman = fewer than 28 credits
    Sophomore = 28 to 59 credits
    Junior = 60 to 91 credits
    Senior = 92 credits or more

Find out where my classes are held?
Obtain proof of enrollment to defer student loans?
Apply for veterans benefits?