Proxy Information

St. Thomas students can grant parents, guardians, and other third parties view-only access to certain parts of their student record. When a third party is granted this access, they are referred to as a "Proxy". Granting these permission allows St. Thomas staff to discuss privileged information with a proxy depending on what authorizations have been assigned.  A proxy will not be able to update any student information or request any written documentation via proxy access.

Students may grant a proxy access to any of the following areas of the student record.

  • Financial Aid
    • View My Financial Aid Award
    • Student Requirements: Status of requirements for financial aid
    • Award Payment Schedule: Disbursement dates of financial aid funds
    • Financial Aid History
    • Loan Application History
    • Financial Aid Important Messages
  • Student
    • Student Detail Schedule: Courses, meeting days/times, instructor, etc.
    • Student Summary Schedule: Registered coursework
    • Registration Status: Student enrollment status
    • Final Grades: Final grades reported to the student
    • Academic Transcript: View access to the student's unofficial transcript.
  • Student Account
    • Account Detail by Term: up-to-date billing information
    • Tuition Reimbursement Detail Report
    • 1098-T Summary Tax Notification
  • Student Address
    • View Address: Address and phone numbers listed on student record