ACTC Exchange Policies


  • Full-time, degree-seeking undergraduate students at St. Thomas are eligible to register for exchange courses in the fall and spring semesters.
  • Hamline University is the only ACTC school available to St. Thomas students for exchance during J-term. 
  • Students are limited to one exchange course each term (even if the course is fewer than four credits).
  • Courses offered at St. Thomas during the same term are not eligible for exchange.
  • In order to register, students must have completed (or be currently taking) any prerequisites required by the exchange course. Only ACTC instructors (not St. Thomas advisors) are able to waive prerequisites for exchange coursework.

Please read the Exchange Courses Policy on Undergraduate Catalog for more information.


ACTC Major and Minor

St. Thomas students may choose a major or minor area of concentration at any of the other four ACTC institutions. The student must be accepted into the major or minor by the appropriate department chair at the school where the program is offered. Not all programs offered by the other ACTC schools are available through the ACTC exchange. For instance, nursing at St. Catherine University is not available to St. Thomas students or other ACTC students per St. Catherine University policy. The proposed program must be approved by the Committee on Studies at St. Thomas. For additional information consult the Office of Academic Counseling, located in MHC, room 110. Counselors may be reached at (651) 962-6300.