Graduate students: Contact your department to obtain the appropriate forms.

Not seeing the form you need? Forms for current students can be found on OneStThomas.

Effective July 1, 2013 - Free transcript processing on all requests.

New Graduates: Transcripts will not reflect your degree until June 11 when degrees for spring 2018 are processed.

St. Thomas official transcripts are printed on security paper and bear the university seal. These transcripts may be mailed directly from the Office of Student Data & Registrar's, or picked up by the student. When official transcripts are provided directly to the student, they are sealed in a university envelope and the transcript is stamped "Issued directly to the student" in a sealed university envelope.

At this moment, the University of St. Thomas can only provide official, paper transcripts. Electronic transcripts are not available at this time.

  • Current and former students can request transcripts through Murphy Online.
    • If you have forgotten you username and password, please contact the Tech Desk for assistance.
  • You may also fill out our Transcript Request Form and return it to Student Data & Registrar.
    • These transcript requests must include the hand-written signature of the student or the request will be returned for completion.
  • If you need an unofficial transcript, you can access it in Murphy Online > Student Services > Student Records > Academic Transcript.

Transcripts from the University of St. Thomas may be requested or released.  Transcripts and documents issued to the University of St. Thomas for admission or credit transfer become the property of the University of St. Thomas and cannot be returned to the student or forwarded to other institutions.  Federal policy permits a student the right to view the documents in his or her academic records. However, the University does not provide (or allow the making of) copies of these documents.

Please note: The Office of Student Data & Registrar does not hold transcript requests for future activity (such as the posting of grades or awarding of degrees). Please submit your transcript request after your grades are posted or degree has been awarded. 

Murphy Online

Transcript Request Form

All current St. Thomas students should use the Murphy Online to print off enrollment verification letters.

  1. Log into Murphy Online
  2. Select Student Services
  3. Select Student Records
  4. Select National Student Clearinghouse
  5. To log on to the NSC site, you will need your name, birth date and social security number. 

          If your third party will not accept the NSC enrollment verification letter or if you need information that is not included in the NSC enrollment verification letter, you may submit an Enrollment Verification to the Office of Student Data & Registrar.

          For more information about these requests, please see our page on Enrollment Verification.

          Please note: Diplomas are mailed in an oversized envelope with cardboard and they typically do not fit into the standard-size mailbox.

          • There is a $20.00 fee for each replacement diploma requested. We accept cash or check (no credit cards).
          • Please make checks payable to the University of St. Thomas.
          • Diplomas are generated every 2-3 weeks.
          • You may pick up your diploma at our office, or we will mail it per your instructions. 

          Replacement Diploma Request

          Currently Enrolled Students:

          Log on to Murphy Online.

          • Choose the Student Services Menu
          • Choose the Personal Information Menu
          • Click on the Update Addresses and Phones
          Former Students:

          You may email, mail, fax or walk up with a signed letter requesting that your address be changed. Please include:

          • Your previous address and new address information, along with any changes to your telephone number(s)
          • Previous/prior name(s)
          • Date of birth
          • UST ID number and/or last 4 digits of Social Security Number (SSN)
          • Student's signature

          The Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act of 1974, as amended, prohibits postsecondary educational institutions from disclosing the education records of students to most third parties without the students' written consent.

          FERPA Resources:

          Student Order for Non-Disclosure of Directory Information

          Student Consent to Release Education Records

          For more information regarding FERPA, please visit the official government website.

          View more information about re-admitting.

          If you have been previously enrolled at the University of St. Thomas and have taken one or more terms off, you should do the following:

          • Call Academic Counseling & Support to set-up an appointment to discuss courses you have remaining, and to complete the forms listed below.
          • If the student has attended any other institution(s) during the time s/he left UST and is now returning, transcript(s) from each of the other institutions must be received and evaluated by UST, as well as the Dean of Students form from the last institution attended, prior to formal re-admittance and registration.
          • Students will be directed to the Student Data & Registrar's Office with the updated forms, signed by an Academic Counselor and will update the information and then register the student if necessary.

          Undergraduate College Information Questionnaire Form 

          Readmission Form


          Dean of Students Form

          Notice of Obligation

          One of the following forms of legal documents is needed before a change to legal name will be completed:
          • Social Security Card: The card must have the correct/current name (a copy of both the back and front of the card are required). The number on the card will need to match the number that we have on the system in order for this form of documentation to be accepted.
          • Marriage License: A copy with both the old/previous and new/changed name included in the documentation.
          • Divorce Papers: A copy with both the old/previous and new/changed name included in the documentation.
          • Court Ordered Documentation: A copy with both the old/previous and new/changed name included in the documentation.
          • Driver’s License that reflects name change; must be valid (non-expired); and Social Security Card with current name.
          The Office of Student Data & Registrar accepts name changes in the following ways:
          • You may send, email, fax or deliver a signed letter and the required documents.
          • You may submit a transcript request that is accompanied by the required documentation.
          • Name changes must have the student's:
            • Old name,
            • New name,
            • Required documents, and
            • Student's signature
            • Date of birth and UST ID number and/or last 4 digits of Social Security Number (SSN) should also be included

          NOTE: We do not change names when we receive a form or letter that indicates a name has changed without first having the required documents, as outlined above.

          To request a change to your preferred first name:

          Students can submit an email, from their St. Thomas email account, walk up, fax or mail a request that their preferred first name be updated. Please provide us your St Thomas ID and the changes you'd like made.

          Your preferred first name is distinct from your legal name and will be used for internal University of St. Thomas communications including: class rosters, residence life information, etc. 

          Please note: requesting a change to your preferred first name does not change your legal name at the University. Your legal name will still appear on official documentssuch as Official Transcript, Diploma, Official St. Thomas letters, etc. To change your legal name please follow the instructions outlined above.

          Our Non-Degree registration page has more information and provides the registration dates.

          Undergraduate College Information Questionnaire Form

          Payment Disclosure Form


          Continuing Non-Degree Student


          Return completed forms to Student Data & Registrar.

          Online Application

          To receive the tuition benefit, parents must submit a Tuition-waiver** Application every semester (Fall and Spring) they are enrolled.

          **Tuition will be credited on your billing statement by the end of February for the spring term and by the end of September for the fall term.

          First-Time and Returning Parent-On-Campus Student

          Undergraduate College Information Questionnaire Form
          Audit Form / Add/Drop
          Payment Disclosure Form ‌

          Continuing Parent-On-Campus Student

          Audit Form

          The completed signed forms can be mailed, faxed, emailed or delivered to Office of Student Data and Registrar.

          For more information about the Parent on Campus program.

          Withdraw as an Undergraduate Student?

          Withdraw as a Graduate Student?

          Forms specific to currently-enrolled students can be accessed using OneStThomas.

          Veterans of the Armed Services and their dependents complete this form to authorize the use of thier VA education benefits for the academic year.

          Veterans & Dependent Benefit Authorization Form