Sponsored Programs

Sponsored Programs is the institutional office that assists with the preparation and submission of proposals for project funding from external entities. It is the university office delegated to provide institutional endorsement for proposals to external funding agencies, as well as to accept and sign funding agreements with external funding agencies.

Policies and Compliance

Faculty and staff who are interested in submitting a proposal to an external funding agency must be aware of the policy environment in which sponsored programs operate. All proposals to an external sponsor must complete the internal review process before the proposals are submitted to the sponsor. Outbound proposals must conform to all internal policies in effect at the University of St. Thomas, all applicable state and federal policies, all applicable policies of the potential Sponsor to whom we are applying, and all policies relating to the use of human and animal subjects, hazardous materials, and export controls.

Contact Us

Dr. Michael Warnock

Director of Sponsored Programs

Email: warn8315@stthomas.edu

Phone: (651) 962-6038

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Supporting Faculty

Sponsored Programs works with faculty and staff to review and interpret sponsor guidelines, develop proposal budgets, provide general institutional information for inclusion in the proposal, navigate the internal approval process, submit proposals to the agencies when necessary, and conduct follow-up communications with sponsors.

Support for Sponsor and Partner Institutions

In addition to working with Sponsor partners, when a collaborative project or a subaward is involved, Sponsored Programs can provide institutional information (see below), policies, documentation, and institutional endorsement for proposal preparation and awards. We conduct follow-up communications with sponsor institutions, and review, negotiate, and execute awards to the University of St. Thomas.

Institutional Information

  • Employer Identification Number (EIN)
    • 410693970
  • Unique Entity Identifier (UEI)
    • LVV9V64A8449
    • NSF UEI (for use with Research.gov): MEQUD34ZB1Y6
  • Entity Identification Number
    • 1-410693970A1
  • NSF Institutional Code
    • 0023457000
  • NIH Institutional Profile Number (IPF)
    • 8013001
  • Federalwide Assurance Number
    • FWA00001943
  • IRB Registration Number
    • IRB00001580
  • Animal Welfare Assurance
    • A3791-01
  • OPE Title IV ID Number
    • 002345
  • State Employer ID Number
    • 8339924
  • MN Tax Exempt Number
    • ES21906
  • Districts
    • MN House District 64A
    • US Congress 4th District
  • Carnegie Classification
    • Doctoral/Professional Universities