Center for Faculty Development

The University of St. Thomas Center for Faculty Development supports the professional growth of faculty by providing responsive programming and grants to support faculty development in pedagogy and engagement of the profession.

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As a member of our campus community these video resources from Magna and are available at no cost to you.
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Ann Gwinn Zawistoski, Associate Director for Research & Outreach
In his October workshop, “Reach Everyone, Teach Everyone,” Dr. Tobin gave the advice to offer students just one additional choice, whether that be in choice of topics, choice of ways to express their mastery of a concept, or choice of ways to engage with the content of your course. In this article, I'm highlighting a few of the ways that the library can help you provide just one more choice.
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Molly Behun, Alexis Easley, and Hannah Sajban

In the summer of 2018, Professor Alexis Easley and two St. Thomas English department graduate students, Hannah Sajban and Molly Behun, travelled to London as part of a Graduate Research Team Grant.
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Debbie Monson, Associate Professor of Teacher Education
I highly recommend finding an opportunity to co-teach with a colleague. The impact on my teaching and research has been positive. I believe that co-teaching has made me a better teacher, a more thoughtful planner, and provided me with powerful collegial relationships.
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Steve Humerickhouse and Amy Perez Ortiz, The Forum on Workplace Inclusion
The Forum on Workplace Inclusion® (The Forum) is eager to continue to strengthen the connection and service to the community by offering new ways to serve St. Thomas faculty.
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