Center for Faculty Development

The University of St. Thomas Center for Faculty Development supports the professional growth of faculty by providing responsive programming and grants to support faculty development in pedagogy and engagement of the profession.

Critical Incident Toolkit

What do we do as faculty when there’s been an incident of racist speech, violence, or some other form of hateful conduct, either within the St. Thomas community or off campus? It’s important to our students that instructors acknowledge what happened and take some time in the classroom to talk about it. This allows students to be better informed, share concerns and reactions with others, and to learn about St. Thomas resources. 

Many faculty members don’t feel prepared for these conversations. The Critical Incident Toolkit is intended to give you some ideas and ways to structure this type of classroom moment. 

Faculty can select the materials that work best for them, and should augment with discipline-specific concepts or documents when relevant. Take some time to look over these resources and consider how they might work best for you. We all hope we won’t need to have these conversations, but it’s best to plan ahead. And – these materials may be useful and relevant for other teaching purposes. Please take some time to get familiar with them.

The Toolkit includes: