St.Thomas e-Learning and Research Center

The new St. Thomas E-Learning And Research (STELAR) center, in partnership with the Libraries, Academic Affairs, and Faculty Development, enhances the teaching and learning mission of the university through innovative and transformative technologies.

A faculty member experiments with the Occulus Rift in the STELAR Center's Technology Showcase.

STELAR serves as a one-stop shop for all technology-enhanced instruction, such as: the use of digital tools in face-to-face classrooms, hybrid and blended instruction, online and hybrid course redesign and development, learning management systems, teleconferencing, research computing, and emerging academic technology applications for St. Thomas.

The STELAR center is now open in the O’Shaughnessy-Frey Library.  Learn More

The Active Learning classroom in STELAR is the prototype and testing ground for future classrooms.