Frequently Asked Questions

What is the process for veteran’s benefits certification at St. Thomas?

Veteran’s educational benefits are certified through the registrar’s office.  For more information regarding the certification process, please click here, or contact the registrar’s office via email ( or phone (651-962-6700).

Is there a veteran student organization?

Yes.  The name of the organization is the St. Thomas Veterans Association (STVA).  To learn about their mission or for contact information, click here.  Also, for information about other clubs and organizations available, click here.

Who can I talk to about my service options if I am a business student taking BUS 200?

You may contact Barb Gorski via email ( or by phone (651-962-6124) to discuss your service options.

How can I learn about student services outside of the classroom?

You can learn more about student services outside of the classroom by contacting Norman Ferguson, Jr. via email or by phone (651-962-6335)

Are there other resources for veteran students in the area?

Yes. Minnesota’s Higher Education Veterans Program provides services and support for veterans and their families. The organization can assist in providing information regarding benefits, finding resources that may assist the college transition, and providing general support. For more information, contact Duane Bauer ( or visit the following link -