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Our Mission

In support of the broader mission of the University of St. Thomas, the Division of Student Affairs creates holistic educational environments that prepare students to live, learn, and contribute to our intercultural society.

Division of Student Affairs Diversity Equity and Inclusion Mission Statement  

The Division of Student Affairs is dedicated to fostering an inclusive community where all individuals are valued and engaged; where diversity of perspectives, differences, and identities are explored in a respectful and open educational setting. We value a community that appreciates and learns from our differences. We commit to supporting the success of all community members by working and advocating for the following:  

  • Enhance student learning and personal development by strengthening knowledge and skills related to equity, inclusion, and cultural awareness of professional staff.  
  • Foster greater awareness and appreciation for diverse cultures and cultivate an intercultural community based on respect, understanding, and acceptance.  
  • Create a climate of intentional interaction and collaboration between individuals and units within the division and across campus.  
  • Develop inclusive leaders for positive, equitable, and just social transformation.  

    To support this Mission, the Division of Student Affairs will:  
  • Develop a proactive division-wide strategy to enhance the cultural competence of our students and staff.  
  • Evaluate practices and policies to ensure an antiracist educational and living environment free from bigotry and discrimination.  
  • Serve as a resource to students of all identities throughout their St. Thomas experience.  
  • Be mindful of campus and national trends and how they impact minoritized students during critical moments.  
  • Engage in ongoing assessment of the educational and programmatic DEI needs of students and Student Affairs staff.  
  • Plan and offer regular DEI and anti-racist training and educational opportunities for students and Student Affairs staff to anticipate and address needs.  
  • Engage in ongoing dialogue and learning about issues of race and the intersectionality of race and identities as a Student Affairs staff.  
  • Collaborate with the Office of Diversity Equity and Inclusion to advance campus-wide DEI and Anti-Racist initiatives.   

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