Progress Reports

An important element of our 2025 Strategic Plan is to provide updates on the progress being made towards the goals defined for each of the Strategic Priorities outlined in the Plan.

See below for a high-level overview of progress made on each priority as well as archived reports provided to the Board of Trustees.

Progress Made Towards Each Strategic Priority

2025 Strategic Plan In the Planning Stage On Track for Success Progressing Ahead of Schedule
Status of Strategic Priorities; February 2024
Lead in STEAM* Education On Track for Success
Grow the Morrison Family College of Health On Track for Success
Meet Ever-Changing Needs of Students, Alumni and Employers Progressing Ahead of Schedule
Foster Belonging and Dismantle Racism On Track for Success
Prepare Students for Work and Career On Track for Success
Build National Awareness and Advance Priorities through Athletics Progressing Ahead of Schedule
Promote and Leverage Our Comprehensive Academic Excellence On Track for Success
Retain and Attract World-Class Talent In the Planning Stage
Prepare Educators to Dismantle Disparities On Track for Success
Expand Pathways through the Dougherty Family College On Track for Success
Illuminate Our Mission and Charism On Track for Success
Close Financial Gaps for Students Progressing Ahead of Schedule
Expand Our Pipeline of Students On Track for Success
Create a Robust Residency Culture Progressing Ahead of Schedule
Live and Work Sustainably Progressing Ahead of Schedule
Engage All Tommies as Changemakers Progressing Ahead of Schedule
* STEAM = Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts and Mathematics