St. Thomas Veterans’ Association

Officer Contact Information:

President: Ben Burns (

Vice President: Caleb Willeford (

Dedication to Camaraderie 

The St. Thomas Veterans Association works to reconnect transitioning veterans with one another through networking, service, and causal events. There is no doubt when transitioning from military to civilian life one of the hardest felt losses is the built camaraderie with your fellow service members. Our aim is to help you rebuild that by offering events and a shared space where you are able to surround yourself with like-minded individuals that share common experiences. Examples of prior events include:

  • Networking happy hours at local restaurants
  • Yearly Christmas party opened to our members and their families
  • End of semester party  

Community Outreach

Every semester the STVA is required to complete a community service event that thoughtfully engages the community and helps provide for the common good. Being a veteran oriented organization we partner with organizations that give back to the veteran community as a whole. Doing this allows us to connect with older veterans from previous generations and learn from their experiences. Earlier organizations we have partnered with include: 

  • Band of Brothers Outdoors
  • MN Veterans Home
  • Team Red White and Blue

Veterans Association members in the community

Veterans Association members in the community - Veterans Ball

Veterans Ball

Veterans Association members in the community

Veterans Association members in the community -Community Outreach

Community Outreach

Veterans Resource Center

In spring of 2017 a group of Veterans on campus approached campus President, Dr. Sullivan, to advocate for a space on campus dedicated to helping our student veterans on campus. Since then the administration has fully committed to creating a state of the art center that does exactly that. Currently located in Murray Herrick Center lower level 17, the center and its director (Norman Ferguson) are committed to offering continuing benefit, academic, informational support. Additionally the center serves as an area for student veterans to relax, study quietly, or meet and network with fellow veterans on campus.   

Mission Statement

The St. Thomas Veterans Association shall provide military-veteran students with an organization to call their own that will allow them to meet and network with one another through club events, meetings and community services in a professional manner while simultaneously providing a link for the University of St. Thomas community to gain insight into the experiences, needs, and desires of today’s military-veteran student.