Tommie North exterior

Tommie North Residence Hall

Built in 2020, Tommie North ushered in a new style of residence halls, with a focus on the needs of first year students - grouping students into clusters and pods and encouraging interaction beyond a roommate. The entire Hall was built to support both serious study (multiple study spaces plus print stations) and serious fun, with a game room, multiple lounges, and social kitchen areas.

The building forms the boundary for the northeast corner of campus and houses the Northsider dining hall, the Corner Market convenience store, and classroom spaces, all on the first floor below the living area. There is underground parking below the building and a tunnel connects Tommie North with Ireland Residence Hall and the Iversen Center for Faith.

screenshot of aerial view of tommie north hall

Virtual Tour of Tommie North

See inside Tommie North, including a community lounge, a furnished double room with walk-in closet, on-site dining facility, study rooms, spacious laundry room, and community bathrooms with private stalls.

Specifications for Tommie North

Type of Resident First Year
Location North Campus; find Tommie North on the campus map
Room/Bath Style

Double rooms with multiple bathrooms on each floor

Number of Floors and Residents

480 residents live on floors 2-5 with three elevators


Each floor has rooms grouped into multiple pods that share a lounge and separate study space. A pod is made up of two clusters; each cluster includes 9 double rooms that share a multi-stall bathroom and a lockable single stall bathroom. The building is co-ed and single gender by pod.

Common Areas

The first floor has a hall desk, club room, kitchenette and classroom spaces. Shared living rooms and multiple study rooms are situated on each floor. Laundry is located on the 2nd floor.

Room Dimensions

Rooms are 11 feet, 5 inches side-to-side, and 12 feet, 8 inches from window to closet. The shared closet is 6 feet wide by 6 feet deep and the space/height between the shelves is 13” however part of the shelf (wire) hangs down in front, making the opening closer to 11.25 inches. The window is 57.5” wide and 63.5” tall, but please note that the blinds are flush with the edge of the window inset so any curtain rod would need to go behind the blinds as the installed blinds cannot be removed.

Furniture Included

Provided in each room, one for each student: Lofted extra-long twin bed and mattress, table desk (32” wide, 24” deep, 30.5” tall), pedestal with lockable cabinet (17” wide, 24” deep, 30.5” tall) to be used with desk, desk chair, and shared closet with rods and shelves. (NOTE: there is no dresser due to the closet configuration.) Bedrooms are carpeted; bathrooms have a tile floor.

WiFi, Cable, Internet

All residence halls come with wired and wireless (wifi) internet connections and cable television access.

Heating and Cooling

Building-wide controlled forced air heat and air conditioning.

Meal Plan

Required; First-Years must choose Unlimited


See PDF of Room Rates and Meal Plans

Building Staff

15 Resident Advisors and two professional staff members who live in the building

Floor Plans and Diagrams
two lofted beds and a view of the closet large open space with colorful chairs for lounging, some for studying, and a large wall-mounted TV Laundry room with a row of washers and dryers. Kitchen with oven, stove, and microwave.

Explore Tommie North

Double rooms include lofted beds, desk and lockable cabinet, and a shared closet.

Shared Spaces

Tommie North has common areas on the first floor, along with shared living rooms and study spaces on each floor.


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