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Room capacity will vary depending on room layout. Some spaces may be combined with neighboring rooms to expand capacity or be split to make the space a better fit for a smaller group.

Contact an event coordinator for details and assistance on finding the perfect location for your event, or explore by city.

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Event Venues at St. Thomas

*Maximum guest capacity listed.
Venue Campus Location Capacity* Suggested Event Types
Woulfe Alumni Hall St. Paul 900 Banquets, Receptions, Conferences, Meetings, Seminars, Expos
Schulze Hall Auditorium Minneapolis 324 Conferences, Meetings, Seminars

Schulze Hall Atrium

Minneapolis 250 Receptions
O'Shaughnessy Education Center Auditorium St. Paul 622 Conferences, Meetings, Seminars, Musical Events
Schoenecker Hall at the Iversen Center for Faith St. Paul 240 Receptions, Banquets, Conferences, Meetings, Seminars
Anderson Athletic and Recreation Complex St. Paul 3,000 Athletic Events, Expos
McNeely Great Room St. Paul 150 Banquets, Receptions, Conferences, Meetings, Seminars
Meeting Rooms St. Paul & Minneapolis 10-60 Conferences, Meetings, Seminars, Breakout Sessions
Opus Hall Great Rooms Minneapolis 200 Banquets, Receptions, Conferences, Meetings, Seminars
Scooter's St. Paul 460 Banquets, Receptions, Conference, Meetings, Seminars, Performances
Hearth Room St. Paul 75 Banquets, Receptions, Conferences, Meetings, Seminars
Dining Rooms St. Paul & Minneapolis 70, 30, 22 Receptions, Banquets, Meetings, Seminars
Chapel of St. Thomas Aquinas St. Paul 590 Wedding Ceremonies, Musical Events
3M Auditorium St. Paul 144 Conferences, Meetings, Seminars
John Roach Center Auditorium St. Paul 194 Conferences, Meetings, Seminars
Schulze Grand Atrium Minneapolis 400 Banquets, Receptions, Conferences, Meetings, Seminars
Bowling St. Paul 100 Receptions, Parties
Dance St. Paul 250 Receptions, Parties, Meetings, Seminars
Leather Room St. Paul 50 Conferences, Meetings, Seminars, Literary Events
O'Shaughnessy Stadium St. Paul 5,000 Athletic Events, Expos
North Field St. Paul 500 Athletic Events
South Field St. Paul 165 Athletic Events
McCarthy Gymnasium St. Paul 350 Athletic Events
Terrence Murphy Hall Atrium Minneapolis 200 Receptions
Thornton Auditorium Minneapolis 188 Conferences, Meetings, Seminars
All Athletic Venues St. Paul Varies Athletic Events, Expos
Chapel of St. Thomas More Minneapolis 75 Wedding Ceremonies
OEC Mulitmedia Studio St. Paul N/A Studio Recording, Podcasting, Webinars, Video Production, News broadcasting