Travel Clinic

Whether you are studying, teaching, leading a group, or participating in a service-learning opportunity abroad, international travel can be a wonderful and exciting experience. It can provide you with the experience of a lifetime, while at the same time potentially expose you to serious health risks.

It is the goal of our Travel Clinic staff to assist St. Thomas community members in minimizing potential health risks by providing the traveler with information, medication, and immunizations personalized to their destination to help them stay healthy during their travels.

Our Travel Clinic offers convenient, low-cost, high-quality care that can address pre- and post-travel health care needs including travel immunizations and prescriptions.

Your health insurance will be billed for your travel visit along with any recommended travel immunizations. Please check with your insurance company prior to your visit to see if your policy covers travel appointments and recommended travel immunizations.

If you have any questions regarding travel health and travel appointments, please contact the Health Services at (651) 962-6750.

Schedule an Appointment

Call (651) 962-6750 and schedule your appointment four to six weeks prior to your travel departure.

After scheduling, complete travel forms in myHealthPortal. 


Undergraduate Students, Graduate Students, Faculty and Staff

Location and Hours

St. Paul Campus; M-F 8am – 4:30 pm


Your insurance will be billed