Opt-In Instructions for F1 Students

All International students who are registered for classes and all OPT students are required to purchase this insurance Plan at registration unless proof of comparable coverage is furnished. The UnitedHealthcare plan covers 100% (no deductible or co-pay) of the visits to Health Services. Students who enroll in this health insurance plan may also insure their eligible dependents.

Opt-in to confirm your enrollment and begin using your plan. If you do not opt-in, your coverage will not be activated until after the enrollment deadline (September 28, 2023, for the Fall semester, and February 28, 2024, for the Spring semester). Once you are enrolled in the plan, refunds will not be available.

Contact the Center for Well-Being Insurance Office

For questions regarding the Health Insurance Plan or enrollment process, please contact us at (651) 962-6752 or stuhealthins@stthomas.edu.

Steps to Opt-In

  1. Go to https://studentcenter.uhcsr.com/stthomas
  2. Select Opt-In
  3. Enter your St. Thomas ID and Date of Birth to log in
  4. Policy Term is selected
  5. Complete Opt-In:
    1. Review Student Information
    2. Confirm purchase
    3. Sign and Submit

Watch the How to Opt-In to Coverage video.