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Student Health Insurance

All University of St. Thomas students are required to carry health insurance coverage. Most St. Thomas students can obtain coverage through age 26 under health care policies purchased by their parents. Students who do not have health insurance may purchase policies through a Health Insurance Marketplace.

The Affordable Care Act provides tax credits and subsidies for qualified individuals to help pay for insurance purchased in the Marketplace.

Prior to your appointment at Health Services:

All students must provide St. Thomas with photos of their health insurance card:

  1. Using your phone or another electronic device, take photos of the front and back of your health
    insurance card
  2. Log in to myHealthPortal
  3. Select 'Document Upload' from the menu
  4. Select 'Insurance Card-Front' (or 'Insurance Card-Back') as the Document Type
  5. Select 'Browse' then 'Photo Library' or 'Choose from Gallery'
  6. Select the photo you wish to upload
  7. Select 'Save' and wait for the 'Upload Successful! message
  8. Repeat this process for the card back

For questions regarding student health insurance, please contact us at (651) 962-6752 or stuhealthins@stthomas.edu.

Submit Your Health Insurance Info

Login to the health portal to upload photos of your health insurance card.

Domestic Student Health Insurance

In some states, the Health Insurance Marketplace is run by the federal government and in others, it’s run by the state. MNsure is the Marketplace where Minnesotans can review and enroll in the health insurance coverage that meets their needs

International Student Health Insurance

International students are required to carry health insurance. All J-1 students are automatically enrolled in a health insurance plan sponsored by St. Thomas. F1 international students must either enroll in the plan or submit a request to waive the plan if they have comparable health insurance coverage.