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Immunization Requirements

Minnesota requires all undergraduate students born after 1956 to be immunized against TD and MMR.

If you have had measles, mumps, rubella (MMR), the law requires that you either have a blood test done to prove immunity or a physician's signed document attesting to the disease and the month and year in
which you had the disease.

There is no option for proof of immunity to tetanus-diphtheria (TD). Vaccination is required.

Action Required

All new undergraduate students must provide two MMR vaccination dates, one TD (often administered as TDAP) vaccination date (within the last ten years). To comply:

  1. Login to myHealthPortal. (New students will be able to log in the day after registration.)
  2. Select 'My Forms' from the menu
  3. Select the 'Immunization Verification' form
  4. Enter two MMR vaccination dates
  5. Enter one TD (tetanus-diphtheria; often administered as TDAP) vaccination date within the last ten years
  6. Select 'Submit' and log off

Submit Your Vaccination Dates

Login to the health portal to enter the dates you received your MMR and TD using the Immunization Verification form.

Graduate & Professional Students

Graduate and professional program students are encouraged to provide their immunization information to assist in clinical care and/or travel health, but it is not a requirement.