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Learning Objectives & Outcomes

Learning Objectives and Outcomes

We are looking for interns who are curious, engaged, self-reflective, and want to learn what we have to offer at our site. We provide a training experience where interns learn both about the clinical work of a practicing psychologist, and about themselves as clinicians. Interns who are highly committed to supervision and to self-reflection do especially well here.

The program starts with intern self-assessment and development of learning goals for internship, in collaboration with supervisors.

As the year progresses, we expect interns will make significant developmental transitions as they consolidate a professional identity, enhance confidence in clinical skills and increase their ability to function autonomously, so that by the end of the internship, trainees are well-prepared to serve as entry-level professionals.

Our training program reflects the interdependent nature of the practice and science of psychology. We believe awareness of outcome research and empirically based interventions are critical skills and we encourage trainees to be good consumers of such research by evaluating the strengths and weaknesses of empirical projects.