How to Study Abroad

Welcome to the first step in your study abroad experience! 

From academics to financials, there is a lot to consider as you plan to study abroad. The Office of Study Abroad is ready to help you explore the world and take advantage of the global learning opportunities St. Thomas has to offer.

On this page you’ll find tips and tricks for choosing a program, applying, registering for courses, and more. We also have information that you’re loved ones will want to know while you’re abroad, and how to have a smooth transition coming back to the states. Start to explore your study abroad journey here! 

First-Year Students

First-year students can study abroad as soon as their first January term (J-Term). See our first-year student guide for some specific resources.

How to Choose a Program

Why do you want to study abroad? What do you hope to gain from the experience? Take some time to consider your goals and reflect on what is important to you using our how to choose a program guide.

How to Apply for a Program

The application process varies depending on the type of program you choose but there are some standard steps you can expect to take once you’ve chosen a program.

How to Afford Study Abroad

The cost of studying abroad for a semester is comparable to tuition, room, and board in St. Paul. However, your cost will depend on the program to which you are applying.

Course Approval Database

Find courses pre-approved to fulfill St. Thomas degree requirements.

How to Support Your Student

Parent and Family Information

Loved ones often ask what they can do to help their student with the study abroad experience. Our parent and family guide includes suggestions for supporting the pre-departure, time abroad and re-entry aspects of the study abroad process.

Going Abroad

Passports and airline tickets

Preparing for Departure

Our preparing for departure guide provides a general pre-departure checklist for all programs. Check with your program and/or directors for other program-specific things to do.
Preparing for Departure
Passport page with stamps

Returning Home

Adjusting to life back in the U.S. is not easy for everyone and you may feel like you’ve changed. Our returning home guide includes resources to keep your global momentum going.
Returning Home