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Supporting LGBTQIA+

As a Catholic university we welcome, value and respect each person for the unique contributions they bring to our campus community and our world. At St. Thomas, we seek to a establish a welcoming and inclusive environment for LGBTQIA+ members of our community and are guided by our convictions that include:

  • Dignity - We respect the dignity of each person and value the unique contributions that each brings to the greater mosaic of the university community; and
  • Diversity - We strive to create a vibrant diverse community in which, together, we work for a more just and inclusive society.

Our Student Diversity & Inclusion Services provides a safe place for students of all sexual orientations and gender identities, offering education, programming, support, and resources both nationally and locally in the Twin Cities that foster students’ holistic development. 

Resources Supporting LGBTQIA+

Diversity Activities Board

Organizes student-led events and activities in the areas of social justice, diversity, and inclusion. (Best for: undergrads)

Inclusive Classroom Institute

Offers opportunities to build awareness, gain understanding, and implement new pedagogical strategies to improve the learning climate for all students. (Best for: faculty)

Office for Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion

Provides leadership for building a more diverse, welcoming and inclusive community at St. Thomas. (Best for: undergrads, grad students, faculty and staff)

Queer Straight Alliance

QSA's mission is to foster respect and equality for Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender, Intersex, Pansexual, Asexual, Gender Non-Conforming, Non-Binary, Plus individuals and supporters within the St. Thomas community. (Best for: undergrads)


Out!Law educates members regarding gay, lesbian, bisexual and transgender issues in a positive and productive learning atmosphere; promotes a law school environment free from discrimination, bias and intolerance. (Best for: law students)