Tuition Insurance Plan

Eligible students may wish to consider an optional insurance plan that provides coverage options for tuition, academic fees, housing, and board when a student must withdraw due to a covered medical condition. The GradGuard™ Tuition Protection Plan (TPP) is underwritten by Allianz Global Assistance and is a service of Next Generation Insurance Group, LLC. The TPP is not a plan of the University of St. Thomas. The TPP may provide insurance benefits in situations where refunds are not available under the St. Thomas refund policy.

2024-2025 Comparison of Refund Schedules

Subject to the TPP terms and conditions, if a covered student withdraws from classes due to a personal injury or sickness, the TPP will return up to 100% of the insured term tuition, academic fees, housing, and board, with a maximum coverage amount of $40,000. The schedule below highlights how the TPP extends beyond the University's refund schedule (assuming full TPP coverage is purchased):

For Fall & Spring Terms if Withdrawal Occurs UST Tuition Refund TPP Tuition Refund Student Receives
Through the 14th calendar day of the term 100% 0% 100%
The 15th - 21st calendar day of the term 80% 20% 100%
The 22nd - 28th calendar day of the term 60% 40% 100%
The 29th - 35th calendar day of the term 40% 60% 100%
The 36th - 42nd calendar day of the term 20% 80% 100%
The 43rd calendar day of the term & beyond 0% 100% 100%

Important Items to Note Regarding the TPP 

  • Injury and sickness withdrawals must force the student to withdraw from all courses for the balance of the term and the conditions must be certified by a licensed physician.
  • Coverage must be obtained prior to the end of the 14th calendar day of the term.
  • Participation in the TPP is completely optional.
  • Refunds for students receiving Title IV financial aid will be calculated according to federal guidelines.
  • Coverage options are available for all Fall and Spring terms. Coverage is enrolled-in and purchased each term; there is no automatic enrollment or automatic renewal option.
  • Custom coverage for J-term and/or summer terms may also be available; contact GradGuard directly for more information.
  • Students with a pre-existing health concern are eligible to enroll in this plan, subject to all other TPP terms and conditions.
  • Certain exclusions apply.
  • For more information visit the GradGuard website or call (877) 794-6603.

TPP Costs

The TPP coverage cost is 1.10% of the coverage purchased. That equates to $110 for every $10,000 covered. Visit the GradGuard website for more information on the TPP coverage.

Student Life Assistance

An additional plan benefit is the Student Life Assistance plan from Allianz Global Assistance; it gets students the help they need, when they need it. This benefit provides assistance with:

  • Making travel arrangements for family to visit a hospitalized student
  • Making transportation arrangements for an ill student
  • Arranging for vehicle transport if ill/injured student is unable to drive vehicle home