Transportation Options

Due to the limited availability of parking at St. Thomas, and in consideration of the University's commitment to a sustainable campus, alternative methods of transportation are encouraged.  The University of St. Thomas offers a conveninent campus shuttle for students, faculty and staff between the St. Paul and Minneapolis campuses on a regular basis (must show valid St. Thomas ID).


Many people in our community bicycle to campus, using the outdoor bike racks, or the bike storage lockers located in some of the parking ramps. Bicycling is a great form of exercise and helps you connect with both nature and the local community.


Many of our students, faculty, and staff live in the neighborhoods around our St. Paul campus and find walking to our campus the easiest way to get around. Remember you can request Public Safety Officer escort you around campus; call 651-962-5100 to request a campus escort.

Bus with Metro Transit

Our St. Paul and Minneapolis campuses are well-connected to the surrounding metro area through multiple Metro Transit routes. Metro Transit also offers "Park and Ride" for commuters from suburbs and surrounding areas. St. Thomas subsidizes the cost of bus passes to offer them to faculty, staff and students at a discounted rate.

Intercampus Shuttle

St. Thomas runs a shuttle bus between the St. Paul and Minneapolis campuses to make it easy for students, faculty, and staff to move between campuses for classes and meetings. This express shuttle runs Monday through Friday.


Students, faculty, and staff who drive to campus can purchase parking permits, or pay daily rates for parking on campus. Visitors are also welcome to park on campus, and pay daily rates. (Read more about Visitor Parking) There is no free parking on campus, and many streets in the areas surrounding the St. Paul and Minneapolis campuses require city parking permits.


Carpooling with other commuters helps reduce the number of cars on the road and reduces costs for gas and parking. Metro Transit, the local bus company, runs a carpool matching system to help commuters connect.

Car Sharing

Car Sharing offers the convenience of a car on campus, but none of the stress of dealing with parking, car maintenance or increasing gas prices. A car is stationed on the Minneapolis campus in the School of Law parking lot.

Lime Scooters

Rental scooters are available throughout the neighborhoods surrounding campus and can make transportation to spots near campus easy and quick. These scooters are not authorized for use within campus boundaries, but can be used up to the perimeter of campus.