11th & Harmon Parking Ramp

The University of St. Thomas owns and operates the 11th and Harmon Ramp on our downtown Minneapolis campus. This facility offers parking to the University community and the general public.

  • Parking Ramp Address: 25 South 11th Street, Minneapolis, MN 55403
  • Contact information: harmonramp@stthomas.edu; or 651-962-PARK (7275)

For immediate assistance from the parking ramp, please use the red call buttons located at the pay station and exit or call 651-962-5100.

Daily Parking

Take a ticket when you enter the ramp. There are two options for payment: either take the ticket to the pay station, or pay at the exit. Credit/debit cards accepted include Visa, Mastercard and Discover. No cash payments.

Daily Parking Rates
0-1 Hour $4.50
1-2 Hours $5.50
2-3 Hours $6.50
3-4 Hours $8.50
4-12 Hours $11.00
12-24 Hours $13.00
Night (Monday through Friday after 4 p.m.) $6.00
Weekend (All day Saturday/Sunday) $6.00
Early Bird (In by 6 a.m., out by 5 p.m.) $10.00
Lost Ticket $13.00
Event Parking As Posted

Monthly Contract Parking

Monthly contracts are available to the general public at a cost of $190 per month. For more information or to purchase a parking contract, please email harmonramp@stthomas.edu or call 651-962-PARK (7275).

Current contract holders may pay their monthly invoices online.

University of St. Thomas faculty, staff and students should visit our campus parking options page to learn more about employee and student permits.