Mental Health

If you or a friend are in a crisis situation and experiencing any of the following:

  • unable to stop crying
  • thoughts of hurting yourself or others
  • have not eaten in a few days (not due to illness)
  • have not slept in a few days (not due to illness)
  • unable to go to classes (not due to illness)

Please call Counseling and Psychological Services at (651) 962-6780 to set up an immediate appointment. Counselors are available for emergencies during office hours. After hours, if you live in a Residence Hall, please contact your RA or Hall Director, who can contact Counseling and Psychological Services if necessary.

If you do not live in the Residence Halls, please contact the Crisis Connection, (612) 379-6363. This hot line has trained professionals staffing the phones and available 24 hours a day.