Emergency Loan Fund

The Student Emergency Loan Program is administered by the Dean of Students. These loans are issued to qualified students at the University of St. Thomas for emergency situations. These loans are also available to support students who demonstrate financial need of assistance for making a deposit for a St. Thomas approved study abroad program. Loans will be issued only to students who demonstrate a means of repaying the loan by the designated due date and only as long as funds are available in the program.

  • Minimum loan amount of $100 - MAXIMUM of $700
  • Only one application may be submitted per semester with a MAXIMUM loan of $700 per academic year.
  • Processing may require approximately 2 business days.
  • As part of the application process, applicants will be required to meet with the Dean of Students or designee and loan approval is not guaranteed.
  • Loan repayment due date will be determined prior to issuance of check (no more than 60 days). A hold will be placed on the student's Banner account if the loan is not repaid in full by the due date. 
  • Loans cannot be used to pay a student's St. Thomas bill. However, loans may be used to pay deposit fees for St. Thomas approved study abroad programs.
  • Students currently enrolled as degree-seeking at the University of St. Thomas may apply for these loans, with the exception of graduate female students and law school students. Separate loan funds are available to these students.
  • Graduate female students call Dr. MayKao Hang at 651-962-4727.
  • School of Law students call Laurette Hankom at 651-962-4884.
  • Employees of the University of St. Thomas are not eligible for loans.
  • Student cannot have academic or financial holds on records.
  • Student cannot be in default status with financial aid.
  • Student must have verifiable means of repayment.
  • Student must be able to demonstrate an unexpected financial emergency or be able to demonstrate financial need for assistance to pay a study abroad deposit for a St. Thomas approved study abroad program
  • Students applying for study abroad deposit loans must include on the application the study abroad program for which they are applying.

A financial emergency or a financial need is defined as a situation where a student has no means of obtaining funds for the emergency situation; all avenues of seeking funds have been exhausted.

Examples of financial emergencies:

  • A death in the family requiring travel
  • Eviction from a housing situation
  • Medical expenses (where payment is required before care can be provided)
  • Possible loss of child care due to inability to pay

The following are not considered a financial emergency:

  • Credit card bills
  • Car payments
  • Monthly rent payments where an eviction is not pending

Students are encouraged to complete the forms in the Required Forms dropdown or stop by the Dean of Students Office (Anderson Student Center, room 241). Students are required to meet with the Dean of Students or designee prior to loan approval. Upon approval of the loan, the student will sign a Promissory Note. Checks may be picked up from the Accounts Payable Department during posted office hours (check processing may take an additional 2 days after meeting with the Dean of Students and signing the Promissory Note). Students will be required to present their student I.D. and one other valid picture I.D. (i.e., driver's license, passport) at the time of application and when picking up their check.