Undocumented Student Resources

St. Thomas strives to maintain a welcoming, vibrant and diverse community that respects and supports the dignity and well-being of every member. We believe a diverse, supportive and caring community will best enable our students to learn and grow into morally responsible leaders who will advance the common good.

Consistent with our mission, convictions and Catholic identity, we invite prospective students to join our community based on their commitment to our mission and convictions, personal qualities, skills and experience, and potential to contribute to our community and the common good.

Prospective students born outside the United States are welcome to apply, regardless of immigration status. We are committed to supporting undocumented students and students with undocumented family members, who may face unique challenges.

Support at St. Thomas

Immigration-related resources and information are available through the St. Thomas Interprofessional Center for Counseling and Legal Services (IPC). Their Immigration Law Practice Group primarily takes cases referred by The Advocates for Human Rights.