Go-to-College Program

Lifelong learners (age 40-plus) are encouraged to continue their education by taking regular undergraduate classes along with younger students. Participants are able to enroll as auditors in a variety of courses, on a space-available basis.

General Information:

  • A list of eligible courses will be printed and available for viewing on registration day. A digital list of available courses (one for languages and one for non-languages) will be available on August 9 and may be requested from the Selim Center by email: selimcenter@stthomas.edu
  • You can preview this information at the Classfinder page. Be sure to select Fall 2024 from the semester drop-down box. Please note that there are limits to auditors in many departments and not all courses shown in the online system are auditable through this program.
  • Questions about specific course availability must be directed to the Selim Center. Please email the Center with questions prior to registration day; do NOT contact instructors or departments regarding course availability.
  • We are not able to place auditors in graduate level classes.
  • Students through this program may participate in class discussions, without writing papers or taking exams. No college credit is earned, and courses taken do not count toward completion of degree or certificate programs.
  • You can preview the required textbooks for courses on the book store website
  • Students participating in this program must adhere to the policies of the University regarding code of conduct and use of University resources.

Contact Us


(651) 962-5188

Mailing Address
Selim Center for Lifelong Learning
Mail #OEC 109 2115 Summit Avenue
St. Paul, MN 55105


  • The registration fee is $400.00 with a limit of one course per student; payable by check or cash, only. This program is also eligible for the Center's sliding scale fee schedule. Base price is $400.00; Tier 1 price is $370.00; Tier 2 price is $350.00. Please see the payment policies/information tab for more information about the Center's sliding scale model.
  • Auditors through this program take their courses free of tuition charge, but pay the registration fee, plus pay for books, photocopying or other fees. Students also pay for on-campus parking. A discounted parking permit is available for purchase through the Center for Selim Center auditing students.

Technology Requirements

Auditors through this program must have reliable computer and smart phone capability since the class system (Canvas) and university e-mail system require these tools to access the systems, plus to move to distance learning should the need arise.

How to Register

  • This program requires in-person registration. Registration is available only by appointment on Wednesday, August 14 & Thursday, August 15, 2024. Email the Center (selimcenter@stthomas.edu) to request an appointment. Registration for this program closes at noon on Thursday, August 15, 2024.
  • Payment is required at the time of registration. The Go to College program can only accept check or cash payment of the registration fee.
  • You must attend the first day of class to participate in this program. The fall semester term begins on September 4, 2024 and ends on December 13, 2024. You may only attend the course for which you registered through the Center.